Barcelona Couple’s Session – Maria-José & Xavi


Barcelona stole my heart 2 years ago

I was only there for a week but I knew I would be back! Fast forward 16 months and I was heading back to visit some friends and family and do a few photo shoots. Previously, through Instagram, I had met Barcelona wedding photographers, Maria-Jose and Xavi of La Dichosa. We decided to meet up, grab some coffee in the old Gothic area of the city and chat all things wedding photography. As we chatted, I thought about how amazing it was to be on the other side of the world and meet Barcelona wedding photographers. We were doing the exact same work, with a similar style, the same busy season and the same funny (and annoying) stories that come up in our industry! The world felt big and small all at the same time. We were comparing heartwarming wedding day stories, shoots from our bucket lists and exchanging information about the gear we shoot with.

After coffee, I asked them to show me around the city a little more and take me to some of the popular “must have” photo locations in Barcelona. You know, the ones that couple’s always want to photograph at (Toronto photog’s cue: flat iron building, Cherry Beach, U of T, etc). We ended up turning it into a couple’s session and I photographed them in their own city! We explored all the alleyways and small courtyards around the Barcelona Cathedral. Then Xavi mentioned a quiet and peaceful square with old brick and large doors that was just around the corner and we’d have it all to ourselves. Well, we didn’t plan on school being let out just after we started there and within minutes there were a large number of small children running around and tossing their schoolbags to waiting parents. We weren’t upset, it brought a sense of whimsy and excitement to the few minutes we were shooting there, they started running in between Maria-Jose and Xavi and in front of my camera, we couldn’t help but just laugh!

It is always inspiring to photograph in new places and this was no different. A new city, and a new country. Working through a language barrier as well was an accepted challenge! Maria-Jose and Xavi have been married for 2 years and witness love every step of the way while photographing weddings in Barcelona, but I love that photo sessions don’t have to be for an engagement or an anniversary or any milestone for that matter. Just this moment in their relationship, we documented it for them to hold on to forever.
Along the way they turned back into photographers and snapped a number of images of me. Unlike most photographers, I don’t mind being in front of the camera, it gives me a chance to really see how my clients and couples feel having the lens pointed at them. I love the images that these 2 Barcelona wedding photographers captured of me! Since doing a lot of solo travel I don’t actually have many images of myself in the cities or countries that I have travelled. I think that this has spark a new idea in me. Every place that I travel I’m going to connect with photographers through social media and set up a trade for photos. I will have the opportunity to create and capture images in new places but also walk away with a handful of images to document that time during my travels.

During our session I had mentioned to Maria-Jose and Xavi that I was looking to book a few more destination weddings into each of my seasons and that I would love to photograph a wedding here in Barcelona! Can you even guess what happened next? They invited me to come back and shoot with them on one of their weddings! Thank you to these two beautiful Barcelona wedding photographers for opening up and letting me photograph them in their a gorgeous city and I can’t wait to be back soon!

All images shot on the Fuji xT1 with 35mm

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