B.C Winter Bonfire Session – Jamie & Paul


I was recently in Invermere, B.C visiting my best friend

Of course while there I knew I had to photograph a few couples in the beautiful landscape and mountains! I was able to connect with Jamie and Paul, and set up a little snowy adventure session with them and their pup Nouka. Jamie and Paul are hardcore adventurers in my mind, they had just gotten back from a multi day hike into the backcountry and stayed in a little cabin while it was -35 degrees over New Years! That would be a big no thanks from me, I’m a big baby when it comes to the cold! But these two know how to make the most of it, and didn’t even bat an eye during this shoot! (meanwhile I had heat packs in my boots and mitts! hahah) We found a secluded lake, that was supposed to have awesome mountains views, but we ended up with a cloudy day that produced the perfect amount of falling snow, so I wasn’t about to complain.

Jamie and Paul carried in a box of cedar and set out to make a toasty fire to keep cozy by during the session, it was perfect, apart from the part where we all forgot to bring a lighter! Being as resourceful as they are, we managed to get it going and had an awesome fire to huddle around, even Nouka stayed close by. Thankful to have experienced a piece of this beautiful province and can’t wait to be back!

A major reason why I love photography, is that it is a way to connect with new people, and create relationships with people you may have otherwise not had a chance to meet. And this shoot was a prime example of that! I was travelling to an unknown town and a place that I have never visited, through photography I was able to meet, connect and create a friendship with these two adventurers! I’m jealous of all the BC photographers out there and the stunning landscape they get to explore with couples on a regular basis! Thank you Jamie and Paul for opening up in front of my camera, sharing your experiences and showing me a little taste of BC in the winter, I know I’ll be back very soon!

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