Connection Session in Thailand – Sarah & Zack


Sarah & Zack were married 3 years ago in the Toronto area.

Shortly after, they began travelling and then settled in Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand to teach English. Now fast forward 2 years.

In March I was travelling Northern Thailand for 3 weeks and along the way met up with my good friend and fellow photographer Tara of Tara Lilly Photography. Tara and I were growing tired of photographing one another (but not really!) and wanted to photograph a couple while travelling through Chiang Mai. Now don’t get lost, because this story takes a bit to tell… Tara’s childhood friend was living nearby, and they were heading out on a 1 night camping trip, so we decided to crash their party and join in. This 24 hour trip included a quick stop at a Tesco station for snacks and to fill our cooler with drinks, and then a long wait to convince a songthaew (also known as a “red truck”, or for Canadians as just a flat bed truck with 2 benches in the back!) to drive us an hour up the mountain to our campsite. When Tara and I finally arrived, long after everyone sped up there on their motorbikes, it was dark, and the camp ground officer pointed us in the direction of our friends (somehow he knew). We followed the path down to the lookout platform where we could hear voices and laughing, now with us there, the group consisted of 10 Canadians + 1 American, it felt just like home! I had to remind myself, that no I wasn’t camping in Muskoka or Algonquin, I was on top of Doi Suthep mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Now this is where Sarah and Zack make an appearance, as they were part of our camping group. I instantly connected with Sarah chatting about art and her love of travel photography, and how she is using her images, (more on that later). She listened as I told her my plans for the studio space I was opening when I returned home to Ontario, and we bonded through our dreams for connecting artists together. Zack then mentioned that their teaching contract was almost over and that they’d be moving back to the Toronto area in only a couple of months. The next morning over coffee (still on the mountain) Tara and I both said how much we’d love to photograph Sarah and Zack and that it would be really unique to shoot other Canadians while travelling abroad. So we waltzed over to their tent where they were both sitting in the sun and just mentioned how we’d love to document their relationship together and with Chiang Mai. They both accepted and we set a time for the following afternoon to meet them at The Square Cafe.

Along with photographing Sarah and Zack and documenting this time in their relationship and their connection for the past 2 years with Chiang Mai, Tara and I were also doing an Instagram takeover of the Ladies Behind the Lens account! We wanted to walk the viewers through a photo session with us, which proved to be a little difficult when you’re used to just shooting and interacting with the couple. We had to also interact with our viewers and everyone watching. But side by side we managed to pull it off, narrating each other’s posing and filling everyone in on what we were seeing through the lens. You can have a look at the collection of images Tara and I put together for the LBL blog here.

I am thankful to you Sarah and Zack, for your openness in front of my camera, getting to know you and for your thirst to travel and see the world. Thank you for letting me document this milestone in your relationship and I can’t wait to see you both back in Toronto! Thank you for having me as your Thailand photographer.

I’m forever thankful for the opportunity to travel and experience new places, and more importantly to meet new people. To gain an insight into the way other people view the world, how they live their lives and what they strive for. If you’re in a relationship and travelling the world, I want to meet up with you & document you in these new surroundings. If you’re on your honeymoon and want to document this after your wedding, I’m your girl. If you and your partner are escaping the rat race to elopement and or have an intimate ceremony together with just your closest, then I want to be there to capture and preserve it all.

As I mentioned Sarah is a talented travel photographer and is using her images to create handmade books and calendars, check out her website.

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