Mountain Top Engagement – Rena & Travis


This was a shoot of my dreams

o be able to do mountain top engagement in beautiful British Columbia, the sun setting, with an amazing couple, cute puppy and cold drinks, what else do you need?

Rena and Travis reached out to me for their countryside wedding east of Toronto for next summer, but recently Travis was relocated to western Canada in the small mountain town of Stewart, BC. They’ve fallen in love with the slower, outdoor lifestyle they are now living. So they asked me to come visit for a few days and capture their Stewart lifestyle and stunning surroundings with a mountain top engagement. With Christian in tow we started the journey on Thanksgiving Sunday, flying to Vancouver and then catching a smaller prop plane up to Terrace, BC before driving another 3 hours north west to Stewart. Rena and Travis showed us around town, and the views were even more beautiful that I expected!

Monday afternoon we began the shoot, of course not forgetting to include their sweetheart of rescue pup, Percy (Christian and I almost brought him home!), the low hanging bands of clouds and the vibrant greens and yellows of the trees made the perfect setting for day 1 of their engagement session in the valley.

Day 2 of their session included a trip over the American border into Alaska (!) and a drive through windy roads until we reached the top of the mountains overlooking Salmon Glacier. As we made our way to the top my jaw dropped, this was one of the most stunning views I’ve seen, I was over the moon that I was about to shoot a couple up here! We began exploring the different cliff edges and . As the sun began to set we all cozied up at the picnic bench with cold drinks and delicious sandwiches and chatted until dark, marvelling that we had the whole place to ourselves.

When couples inquire with me regarding their wedding (and engagement) photography I always start by suggesting we grab a coffee or drink. I get to see how they interact with one another, we all get to know each other and make sure we get along, while also talking logistics. I find this to be a really important part of my process to make sure that I am the right fit for the couple for their most important day. Not only did I get to meet and hang out with Rena and Travis, but Christian and I spent a whole 3 days together with them, living in their home, sharing meals and exploring together. They mentioned that since moving across the country to such a remote area that they haven’t had many visitors from home and we were one of the only people to come and live their life with them. I loved this experience, what a way to get to know Rena and Travis! I can say with all confidence that their wedding day is not only going to be a blast, but it’s going to be a breeze since we all get along so well! Rena and Travis thank you thank you thank you!

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