Private Muskoka Island Wedding – Katie & Alex


Katie and Alex planned an intimate and intentional marriage celebration on the island where Katie and her family grew up on Muskoka Lake

29 of their closest friends and family members boated over to the island to celebrate with them in what might have been the rainiest Saturday of the summer! The rain didn’t bother Katie one bit, she calmly just said “everyone is already here enjoying drinks, we’ll just push the ceremony back half an hour and hope it clears a little”. Meanwhile, on the neighbouring & powerless island, Alex was getting suited up and hanging out with his groomsmen and best friends surrounded by oil lamps and 60 years of family memories.

When it came time for their first look, Alex and I boated back to the main island and walked to the point where Katie would meet us. It was raining slightly but Alex informed me that the dark, moody and grey skies was his favourite weather (!! every photographer’s favourite too Alex!). Katie climbed up the mossy and birch tree lined path to greet Alex, the two bursted out laughing and when Alex saw Katie in her favourite moccasins, he casually said “that’s so you! I wouldn’t have imagined you in anything else”. We took our time during their first look and chatting about their mornings getting ready and that it looked as though the skies were starting to clear up. The island’s previous owner’s daughter was a painter and her old painter’s cottage down by the water was the perfect backdrop for some photos. One ‘must have’ photo that Katie had mentioned to me in our first meeting was her in the water surrounded by ferns. A bride straight out of my own heart <3

Guests began making their way down to the dock just as the clouds began to part, and the most brilliant warm sun shined down on their ‘I do’s’. Following the ceremony the couple jumped in the most gorgeous wooden row boat to make their way around to the other side of the island. I particularly love when couples take a few minutes directly after their ceremony to soak it all in. To have a moment alone together to slow down and let the “OMGs” settle in! And I mean, that sky? that wooden row boat? Photo gold people!

Cocktails and toasting were held on the lawn in front of the cottage where they had strung adorable lights, set up a bar and had a beautiful charcuterie boards set up. Guests mingled while the sun set behind the island and we were able to continue with photos. Seeing the way Katie thanked each and every guest, and teared up each time was so heart warming! The evening continued in the stunning boat house, with impromptu speeches that popped up through the dinner service, while a childhood friend played guitar. What followed dinner was one of the most epic dance parties I’ve seen at a wedding! The deck of the cottage was turned into a dance floor with a self serve bar, large speakers and Katie’s Dad even brought out a table for dancing on! With a somewhat small dance floor, and every guest from the wedding on it, it felt like a packed bar! I proceeded to shoot, dance, lose track of time and completely forget that I was on an island with no way back to my car. Katie and Alex and some their friends convinced me to stay and enjoy the party!

I feel as though I have known Katie and Alex and their families forever. It really is a great feeling, and one that I definitely cherish, that work doesn’t feel like work. That is the goal! It brings me joy being around like minded people, and I am so thankful to connect with so many incredible couples.

So to recap: a groom that likes moody skies, a bride in moccasins, a wooden row boat and the dance party of the season?! Safe to say this wedding was by far one of my favourites to date! Thank you Katie and Alex and to your friends and family for welcoming me into your party and not letting me leave until the next morning!

Trying something new and posting a slideshow of the images from the wedding!

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