Connection Session in Portugal – Des + Andy


Connection Session in Portugal with Des + Andy

I can't even begin to tell you what an honour it is when a fellow photographer asks you to photograph them. Meeting up with Des and Andy in Portugal was a highlight of my time in the country and getting to photograph them for a connection session was the cherry on top.

Let's rewind; Des and I met through social media and our shared love of travel, photography and the fact that we have the same birthday instantly connected us! When we found out that our travels in Portugal would be crossing paths we knew we had to stay in touch and make a hang out happen - this would be our first time actually meeting in person!

We met about an hour west of Lisbon, at Aldeia Da Praia, an amazing community on the west coast. I heard someone call my name from behind me and I turned to see Des's hair blowing in the wind and her beau Andy's infectious smile behind that beard! We hugged and chatted as if we'd been old friends and set out for the beach and in search of some sangria (a must in Portugal!)

Later that evening we ventured to Cabo da Roca, which happens to be the most westerly point of mainland Europe, to catch the sunset and swap some photos of one another! Des and Andy had been travelling for about 7 months and Portugal was their last stop before heading home and settling back into their next chapter. So this time marked a special point for connection session and some photos.

I don't think I've ever had a windier photoshoot haha, our hair and clothes were flying in every which direction, we were making signals and yelling at one another over the wind. It was comedic and amazing. Not to mention that these two are always smiling at one another, Andy is always saying something to make Des laugh, and the way she throws her head back and her arms over his shoulders is so sweet. Oh and also makes for cute photos!

I thank social media for connecting me with these two and I can't wait to catch up in another part of the world real soon! Thank you for asking me to photograph you two! xx


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