Horseshoe Bend Engagement – Brittnee + Jared


A serendipitous engagement session in the stunning canyons of Arizona.

Brittnee and Jared's Horseshoe Bend engagement session was seriously meant to be!

Let's backtrack two days. Christian and I had only just beginning our Utah and Arizona roadtrip. We were enjoying the gorgeous views in Zion National Park, and actually being photographed ourselves when I received a message from Brittnee through Instagram that read, "My fiance and I are headed to Antelope Canyon this weekend and thought it might be fun to get our engagement photos done while we're there. I know it's super last minute but wondering if you might be interested and available to shoot?" Uhh YES I would be interested and was definitely available, as Christian and I were heading to Page, Arizona where Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend actually are, in a couple of days! After a few more back and forth messages with Brittnee, we decided that a Horseshoe Bend engagement session at sunrise for her and Jared would work best to avoid crowds and harsh sunlight. 

So fast forward to engagement session day, and I arrive at Horseshoe Bend (at 5am!!) and get out of the car to big hugs from both Brittnee and Jared, like we're already best friends! We quickly chatted as we walked from the parking area about our lives and where we live (B & J had just moved down the street from me in Toronto!) and about our travels and how perfectly this session timing worked out. 

It might have been a mix of excitement and nerves, about the session and the amazing views (and straight cliff drop down) that had these two in giggles right away! They danced around and explored the red rock around the canyon while we watched the sunrise. Then decided to call it a day, promising to be best friends back in Toronto (which we've done with brunch dates and fun bars in the city since the trip!).

I've always wanted to shoot in Arizona or Utah, with the colours of the sky and the red rocks as far as you can see was a dream. Up next on the bucket list is an engagement session in Sedona or an elopement in Zion National Park!

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