Lake of Bays cottage elopement

Let’s talk about expectations. We all have them even when we try to push them back to remain in the present, we push ourselves to achieve the image we have burned into our minds for one reason or another. The perfect house. Perfect job. Perfect pair of worn-in jeans. The expectation of that five year plan. The expectation that we can plan our dream wedding day; with enough advanced preparation the world is your oyster right?! Well, I guess 2020 has taught us that we can roll up our blueprints and throw them out the window because she had other plans intended for us! Yes, 2020 is the year to expect the unexpected! As Megan and Brae experienced this year while planning their Lake of Bays elopement, when it comes to finally letting go of the hours of meticulous planning for the perfect event to share your commitment to your partner, all you need is calmness, open communication, and a couple glasses of mezcal!

This summer Meg and Brae discovered the perfect laid-back answer to the question of “what do you do when the wedding you were expecting to have in Menorca can quite literally not happen under any circumstances?” when they decided to put aside their plans to tie the knot in Spain and traded the salt of the Mediterranean for more well known waters for their Lake of Bays elopement. Lake of Bays is home to a special cottage which Meg and Brae have been coming to for years and is full of amazing memories. It was the perfect location for an intimate family-centric elopement! On the lawn overlooking the calm waters of the lake, thirteen members of the couple’s immediate family assembled in four neat rows flanking a grassy aisle, which ended under the natural arch of two perfect birch trees. The setting was no match for the natural beauty of the bride, as she made her way down through the rows of their smiling families in a flowy mid calf silk dress. The ceremony was heartfelt and sweet, ending in genuine smiles while the couple signed their papers on a beautiful red wood desk.

The reception kicked off with a beautiful array of oysters, string lights, and pink mezcal cocktails. As the couple relaxed and schmoozed on the lawn with their family, they were surprised by the entrance of a full Mariachi band commissioned by the groom’s sister in law. To give some context, the couple are proud owners of a brand of Mezcal called Professor and spend a lot of time in Mexico where they work with a local family to produce their spirit. After seeing the band perform at another event, Brae’s sister took their business card and said she had been holding on to the card for this moment for two whole years! That’s called love! The entire family danced to the music of the Mariachi band until the sun started to set and it was time to indulge in a beautifully catered meal from the couple's favourite Toronto restaurant Dreyfus. Under the setting sun and the evergreen trees surrounding the peaceful lake, the couple, surrounded by the love of their families, cheersed to a love that is forever and to a day that they would never forget. And in the end, love always wins.

Thank you to Meg and Brae for including me in your very special day! I am so excited for everything that the future has in store for you both 🙂 All my best wishes.

Meet the couple

What were your top 3 most important things while planning the wedding?

Food was numero uno - we wanted to make sure everyone had a special/memorable culinary experience. Dreyfus team knocked it out of the park, as they always do! 

Location - we wanted to have it somewhere where there was a strong family connection (been going to this lake/cottage forever), as well as an intimate setting...outside of the big city smoke. 

Capturing memories - Jennifer took care of this and more, making it feel like we've known her for years. Such a natural/skilled eye...very lucky to have her present 🙂 

What were your favourite parts of the day?!

Vows - we wrote our own to try and solicit some tears from the onlookers. Jk...but seriously. 

Walking down the aisle & seeing our families smiling back at us. So few people present made it feel that much more intimate. 

Dancing at night 🙂 pure joy. 

Dress – Vintage Valentino (Luciazolea)
Suit – Boglioli
Rentals – Vintage Rentals + Events for tables + chairs, the rest was thrifted and borrowed from family!
Officiant – Mark Sanderson from All Seasons Weddings
Makeup – Yours Truly
Catering – Dreyfus

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